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Al's Showplace     615-256-LEGS
408 George L. Davis Blvd  Nashville, TN
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Babes     901-332-0044
1575 E Brooks Rd  Memphis, TN
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Babydolls     423-928-3057
1408 E. Main St.  Johnson City, TN
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Christie's Cabaret     901-566-0798
Winchester & Mendenhall  Memphis, TN
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Christy's Cabaret     615-255-3005
No Alcohol
306 8th Ave. S  Nashville, TN
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Distractions     901-346-0932
1945 Vicksburg  Memphis, TN
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Ebony Lace     901-360-0179
2882 Lambs Place  Memphis, TN
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Foxy Lady     901-642-6177
3510 Hwy 79 S  Paris, TN
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Gentlemen's Club - Memphis     901-363-7748
3880 Lamar Ave  Memphis, TN
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Ken's Gold Club   webmaster@kensgoldclub.com     615-255-5632
500 5th Avenue South  Knoxville, TN
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King of Clubs     901-332-8434
1741 E Brooks Rd  Memphis, TN
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Last Chance     865-573-2956
3005 Alcoa Hwy  Knoxville, TN
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Last Chance     865-573-2956
3005 Alcoa Hwy  Knoxville, TN
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Mouse's Ear   jc@mousesear.com     423-477-0254
6405 Kingsport Hwy.  Gray, TN 37615
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Platinum Plus - Memphis     901-360-8588
2514 Mount Moriah  Memphis, TN 38117
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PT's Show Club     901-363-3646
Topless Only
3918 Winchester Road  Memphis, TN
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Pure Passion     901-332-0244
1849 E Brooks Rd  Memphis, TN
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Raymond's Place   raymondsplace@yahoo.com     865-947-6398
7712 Clinton Hwy  Powell, TN
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Showtime     615-255-3805
210 10th Ave. S  Nashville, TN
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The Emerald Club     865-938-2345
6302 Clinton Hwy  Knoxville, TN
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The Gold Club - Memphis     901-682-4615
777 White Station  Memphis, TN
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