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Aloha Gloria     719-545-8468
Topless Only
313 N. Main St.  Pueblo, CO 81003
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Baby Dolls     719-475-8351
Topless Only
2354 East Platte Avenue  Colorado Springs, CO
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Bustop     303-440-3911
4871 North Broadway  Boulder, CO 80304
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Cheerleaders     303-426-6996
Topless Only
6710 Federal Blvd  Denver, CO 80221
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Cheers     970-242-1180
Topless Only
201 Colorado Avenue  Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Dandy Dan's     303-922-6729
Topless Only
214 S. Federal Blvd.  Denver, CO 80219
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Foxy Lady     614-274-4152
Full Nudity, No Alcohol
3279 W. Broad St.  Colombus, OH
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Ladies en Confidente     303-292-0302
Full Nudity - No Alcohol
5921 N Broadway  Denver, CO
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Red Garter     303-571-5718
Full Nudity - No Alcohol
1447 Stout St.  Denver, CO 80202
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The Bare Essence     303-426-5454
Full Nudity - No Alcohol
8485 Umatilla  Denver, CO 80260
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The Hunt Club     970-484-7473
Topless Only
400 South Link Lane  Fort Collins, CO 80524
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